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Date of issue 10.01.2019

According to the version of the General Data Protection Regulation (679/2016): EU The Personal Data Act (523/1999) of 10 and 24 §

1. Controller

Company: Starsquad Events Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Starsquad”)

Business ID: 2727346-3

Address: Areenakuja 1 G, 00240 Helsinki

Phone: +358 9 4247 1100

2. Card registration matters

Name: Ville Nikola

Phone: +358 50 402 7659

E-mail: ville@arcticinvitational.fi

3. Name and registered in the Registry

Starsquad Events Ltd’s marketing and customer register.

We deal with the registry of our customers and potential customers and their representatives personally identifiable information.

4. The purpose and the legal basis of personal data

A registered customer’s personal data are processed to maintain Starsquadin customer relations, management and development, design, production of services and products, offering, development, monitoring and marketing and operational marketing competitions.

The legal basis for processing personal data include:

  • consent to the processing of personal data by the data subject
  • the contractual relationship between the data subject and the data controllerStarsquad handles the data itself, utilizing targeted marketing partner network (Link partner network)

5. The information content of the register

The register can be treated with the following information about all registered:

  • Contact information, such as name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses
  • Customer and / or appropriate contact start and end dates
  • as well as a method of information on the customer relationship, including billing and payment information, product and order information, vendor information, customer feedback and contacts, lotteries and competitive response data as well as cancellation information
  • Information on the use of electronic services and content (eg. ordering newsletters), a registered browser registrar server from technical information (eg. IP address, browser, browser version, the page from which the data subject has moved to our site), as well as cookies and related data sent to the registered browser
  • Marketing and promotional information, such as targeted marketing actions registered for and participating (e.g. competition in the marketing and participation in events)
  • related to the management and communication of customer and other appropriate contact information (eg. the purchase and cancellation of paid information products and services, the order of free information products and services, delivery information, feedback, complaints and customer service recordings of events, such as phone calls, emails, instant messaging, and text messages) notified by registered interests
  • Language
  • Information on Network Behavior Starsquad web sites and services (eg. link clicks, browsed web pages, input and leaving sites)

6. Regular sources of information

Starsquad collects the register information from the data subject by phone, reset card, via the Internet, e-mail or the like (e.g. marketing events), cookies, or other similar techniques. Starsquad must also personal and business listings authorities, providers of services, contact information and other similar reliable sources.

7. Disclosure of data

Data are not disclosed to a third party for marketing purposes. However, in some cases, Starsquad may disclose customer information essential partners in order to ensure the service:

  • Name, phone number and e-mail address

Starsquad may disclose information to the authorities in legal cases.

8. Transfer of information outside the EU and EEA

Starsquad can use the processing of personal data by service providers that may have access to personal data in the EU / EEA from outside the area. Starsquad ensure appropriate transfers and lawful in accordance with the implementation of the legislation on the handling of personal data.

We move in all situations of personal data from EU / EEA only one mentioned below, according to the law on the basis of:

  • The European Commission has decided that in the recipient country ensures an adequate level of data protection
  • We have taken appropriate security measures to transfer your personal information by using standard clauses approved by the European Commission on data protection. the register has the right to obtain a copy of the standard clauses by Starsquadiin contact.

9. Register protection and retention of personal data

A system containing customer information are legitimate only those employees who work on behalf of the right to process customer data. Each user has a unique username and password to the system or systems. At work stations monitored the movement of transport permits. The data are collected in databases, which are protected by firewalls, passwords and other technical means. Data bases and their backups are located in locked areas and gain access to information, only certain pre-designated persons.

Obsolete and unnecessary data from the registry will destroy in an appropriate manner. Starsquad retain personal information only as long as it is necessary for the original or other compatible purposes for which personal information is collected.

10. Data subjects’ rights

Requests for the implementation of the rights of the registered address of the said associated Starsquadin to register the contact. Data subjects’ rights are listed below:

  • To get the information processing of personal data
  • To get access to their own information and verify the personal data processed by Starsquadin for oneself
  • Require an inaccurate and erroneous personal data rectification and completion data
  • Require the deletion of personal data
  • Revoke the consent and oppose the processing of personal data in so far as the processing of personal data based on the data subject to consent
  • Object to the processing of personal data relating to personal based on the specific situation in so far as the processing of personal data is based on a legitimate interest
  • To get a personal machine-readable format, and transfer the data to another data controller, provided that the data subject has itself provided the personal data concerned Starsquadille, we will treat such personal data on the basis of an agreement or consent and are carried out automatically
  • Require limiting the processing of personal data

Starsquad may request to register specify his request and verify the identity of the request before processing. Starsquad may refuse a request for familiarization with the law applicable to the grounds laid down.

11. Changing Privacy Policy

Starsquad continuously strives to improve its customer service and that is why we reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy.

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