Arctic Invitational gets a new partner, Lenovo as Head Partner and Name Partner — tournament name changes to Arctic Invitational CS:GO by Lenovo Legion

The partnership lineup of Arctic Invitational extends when Lenovo joins as a Head Partner and a Name Partner. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament held at Hartwall Arena on September 14th will be called Arctic Invitational CS:GO by Lenovo Legion. The CS:GO by Lenovo Legion tournament will be hosted together with Lenovo, the multinational technology company.

With this sponsorship Lenovo will provide the latest Lenovo Legion gaming desktops. All matches will be played on equipment from Lenovo Legion.

“It was important for us to find a Head Partner like Lenovo, to insure we have the best possible hardware for the best players at Arctic invitational”, says Olli-Pekka Villa, the Main Organizer of Arctic Invitational.

Lenovo Legion produces some of the best gaming PCs and laptops for any level of gamers. Legion has a great lineup of gaming desktops, laptops and accessories. You can get the most performing and smooth devices for exactly your needs.

Arctic Invitational is the biggest esports event ever held in Finland. The Lenovo Legion CS:GO tournament that includes a whopping prize pool of 100 000 € will be played on September 14th at the legendary cradle of Finnish Ice Hockey, Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. The tournament hosts four teams, FURIA from Brazil, CR4ZY from Europe, Cloud9 from North America and SJ Gaming who qualified to the event from the Finnish Championships held at Tubecon 2019 last weekend.

CR4ZY invited to Arctic – NRG Esports withdraws

The third team of Arctic Invitational is CR4ZY! The continuously growing European team is armed with a young Finnish shooter, Otto “ottoNd” Sihvo. The 21-year-old AWP-shooter is previously known from his time in the Finnish organization HAVU Gaming.

The first invited team to the biggest esports event in Finland, NRG Esports has unfortunately withdrawn from Arctic Invitational on September 14th due to scheduling reasons. We’re now on a mission to find a high profile replacement team for NRG Esports, which will be announced later.

CR4ZY will be joining the Brazilian team FURIA at the event. The fourth team of Arctic Invitational will be decided from the Finnish Qualifier, held at Tubecon 2019 next month.

VMP and Eezy as Main Partners for Arctic Invitational

An interesting target group and the explosive growth of esports as one of Finland’s most popular sports has also been noticed business among Finnish businesses. The VMP Varamiespalvelu, which is part of the VMP Group, and Eezy want to start exploring employment and employment opportunities around esports.

VMP Varamiespalvelu and Eezy will join the main partners of the Arctic Invitational event.
VMP Varamiespalvelu and Eezy will join the main partners of the Arctic Invitational event.

Arctic Invitational, which is the title of Finland’s largest esports event, will receive new partners from the Finnish VMP Group and its subsidiary Eezy. This is a great thing for Finnish esports and impresses the financial basis of the event. VMP Varamiespalvelu and Eezy bring the event exactly the right experts that the one day event needs.

“I’m really excited to announce the first main partner in recruiting and self-employment sector. Esports as a field of work is evolving and VMP brings the much-needed expertise and experience to develop working in esports and meet the challenges it has set”, says Olli-Pekka Villa, Arctic Invitational Event Director.

Eezy provides an easy way for a proficient esports workers to bill their skills without having to own a company. Many players in the industry, such as gamers, stage hosts, commentators, judges and photographers, have chosen a lightweight entrepreneurial approach. It’s easier, and saves time and effort compared to your own company or limited company. Eezy offers players around the world the best service on the market for self-employment.

This is the first time VMP and Eezy have been involved in the world of esports.

“VMP is at the forefront of workplace change and the search for new employees is accelerating. We are open-minded and innovative to utilize different channels and experience fresh ideas for employing young people through esports. We are working for the future and we want to make flexible employment possible in the form of modern professions,” Kirsi Lönnmark, Communications and Marketing Manager at VMP.

VMP Varamiespalvelu

VMP Varamiespalvelu is one of Finland’s leading personnel service companies and operates throughout Finland. VMP has been developing its industry for 30 years, and the recruitment and recruitment of personnel for various industries is the core competence of VMP. VMP Varamiespalvelu, a family-owned company, is part of the listed VMP Group, which also offers various recruitment, organizational development and self-employment services. The task of VMP is to help companies and people succeed in a changing workplace.




Eezy is a billing service company established in 2008. Eezy’s service enables independent, entrepreneurial activity without own company, the so-called light entrepreneur. Eezy makes it easy and easy to bill your work. More than 25,000 experts from various fields around Finland have registered for the service. Eezy is part of VMP.



Arctic Invitational

Arctic Invitational is the biggest event ever in Finland. It will be played at Hartwall Arena on September 14, 2019. The game is CS:GO. Three international teams are invited to Arctic and one Finnish challenger is playing against them. The tournament prize pool has a total of € 100,000. The event is organized by Starsquad Event Oy and Elisa Corporation.



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